April 21, 2014
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Greater Fort Lauderdale - The Right Choice for Headquarters Operations


Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to an estimated 150 diverse corporate headquarters operations, including two Fortune 1000 companies and ten with revenues of more than $1 billion.

It is the geographic and business center of the largest metropolitan region in the Southeast United States—South Florida.

As the hub of the region, companies headquartered in Greater Fort Lauderdale have access to the entire region's nearly 5.5 million residents, business support assets and recreational amenities.

What will you find in Greater Fort Lauderdale?

• Experienced corporate C-level skills

• Deep and diversified pool of IT talent

• Unique multilingual and multicultural professional workforce

• Numerous higher education opportunities

• Attractive executive lifestyle

"AutoNation is proud to have been a Fort Lauderdale-based company from Day One. This community has supported us with its outstanding talent, its business-friendly policies, its welcoming spirit, and that special combination of factors is a leading reason why we've been able to grow as quickly and as successfully as we have. This is home for us, and we're looking forward to calling it home for many years to come."

Mike Jackson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Why Locate a Headquarters Operation in Greater Fort Lauderdale? Here are just a few reasons:

The state of Florida has no personal income tax  and was ranked as the 5th best state business tax climate for 2011 in The Tax Foundation's 2011 State Business Tax Climate Index; only South Dakota, Wyoming, Alaska and Nevada ranked higher.  In fact, over the past three decades, Florida's state and local tax burden has been among the nation's lowest (Please click the above links for facts and figures).

Greater Fort Lauderdale is the center of the South Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA), the largest in the Southeast with a population of more than 5.4 million.

Greater Fort Lauderdale is home to more than 150 corporate headquarters.

Greater Fort Lauderdale has some of the best weather in the country.

Greater Fort Lauderdale is the geographic and business center of the South Florida MSA.

The only entrepreneur in the United States to start three Fortune 1000 companies from scratch calls Greater Fort Lauderdale home.

43 institutions offer associate's degrees or higher within 30 miles of central Greater Fort Lauderdale; eleven of them offer MBA degrees.

Greater Fort Lauderdale has one of the largest and most diverse labor forces in the state, along with a growing talent pool.

Greater Fort Lauderdale offers access to both domestic and international markets with three airports in close proximity, including significant access to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Ten Broward County public schools and one charter school were recognized among Newsweek magazine's top high schools in the nation in 2009.

Greater Fort Lauderdale has a plentiful inventory of reasonably priced, high-quality executive housing.

For more information regarding headquarters operations in Greater Fort Lauderdale, please contact the Managing Director, CEO Council of the Alliance at rronne@gflalliance.org or at 954-627-0126.  

Greater Fort Lauderdale
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