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DEO: Florida is Number 1 in Job Creation
Published Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New numbers released on Monday prove Florida is the best state for job creation in the entire nation. In January, private sector businesses across the state created more than 50,000 jobs, the highest number of jobs created in any one month since 2004.

Over the past six years, since Gov. Scott took office, more than 1.34 million jobs have been created for Florida families, and the unemployment rate has dropped by more than half. Right now, there are 250,000 job openings from the Panhandle to the Keys.

Housing prices are up, and so are wages. Our job growth rate is double the job growth rate of the nation and double the job growth rate of our leading competitor state of Texas.

Over the past year, Florida was first in job gains in the country in the industries of professional and business services, construction, and manufacturing. Our priorities are to continue diversifying and growing our economy for the next six years.

To do this, we must invest in marketing Florida as the best state to visit and the best state for business. We must focus on bringing new companies to our state, while also supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs right here. It is critical that we keep Florida as the best state for jobs now and in the future.

- Cissy Proctor, DEO Executive Director

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