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Frequently Asked Questions

Following are answers to some of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance's most frequently asked questions.    

What does the Alliance do?

The Alliance, along with its partners, markets Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County with strategic initiatives to reach company executives, site selectors and real estate consultants. Advertising, industry trade shows, marketing missions, press releases, direct mail and on-line technology are just a few of the ways these key audiences are reached in order to generate qualified leads and prospects.

What kinds of jobs does the Alliance work to attract?

The types of companies the Alliance seeks to attract and grow are those that create wages 115% and above Broward County's average wage. We also are seeking companies in growing industries such as aviation, technology, life sciences, marine, creative industries and international commerce. Regional and corporate headquarters are also a target for business development initiatives.

Who is involved with the Alliance?

The top leaders in Broward County who are involved include business, government, academia and community leaders. They help us by meeting with companies, attending industry trade shows and missions, funding marketing programs and providing testimonials about Broward's strong business climate. They also lead efforts to improve Broward's business environment so companies can succeed and grow.

How does the Alliance assist companies?

Examples of services offered by the Alliance include assistance with business relocation or expansion and site selection; incentive programs and information; market research; and serving as a liaison for workforce development between CareerSource Broward, educational institutions and the business community.

What is the Alliance specifically doing to improve our quality of life issues?

The Alliance works with a number of community organizations that address quality of life issues. Examples include local civic and non-profit organizations, The Florida Redevelopment Association, Smart Growth Partnership, South Florida Regional Planning Council, Urban Land Institute (ULI) and others. Additionally, the Alliance has presented educational sessions to the business community regarding topics of importance such as property insurance, airport expansion, redevelopment, affordable housing and transportation.  The Alliance has also been a key player in developing and promoting the work of Six Pillars Broward, Broward County's community-wide economic development strategic planning process.

What are some of the successes of the Alliance in attracting and retaining companies?

  • 1st Choice Aerospace - 40 new and 8 retained jobs
  • Accilerate - 50 new and 50 retained jobs
  • AeroTurbine - 75 new and 175 retained jobs
  • Actavis - 220 new and 509 retained jobs
  • Aldora Aluminum and Glass - 35 new and 115 retained jobs
  • Amazon - 70 new jobs
  • American Express - 100 new and 4,399 retained jobs
  • American Medical Depot - 50 new and 97 retained jobs
  • AT&T - 300 new jobs
  • AutoNation - 95 new and 700 retained jobs
  • Bankers Healthcare Group - 220 new jobs
  • Bolton Medical - 30 new and 78 retained jobs
  • Centene Management Company - 265 new jobs
  • Charter Schools USA - 73 new and 188 retained jobs
  • Chiquita - 80 new jobs
  • Convey Health Solutions - 30 new and 100 retained jobs
  • Crawford Tracey Corporation - 40 new and 117 retained jobs
  • Cusano's Italian Bakery - 20 new and 153 retained jobs
  • Decimal Engineering - 20 new and 150 retained jobs
  • DGS Marine - 20 new jobs
  • DNA Labs International- 10 new and 33 retained jobs
  • Dreamlines USA - 100 new and 3 retained jobs
  • e-Builder - 33 new and 58 retained jobs
  • Emerson Project #1 - 51 new and 25 retained jobs
  • Emerson Project #2 - 20 new and 76 retained jobs
  • Emser Tile - 50 new jobs
  • ERP Maestro, Inc. - 100 new and 11 retained jobs
  • Florida Supplement - 50 new and 72 retained jobs
  • FoxConn Regional Headquarters - 200 new jobs
  • Global Response - 200 new and 360 retained jobs
  • Great Healthworks - 346 new and 200 retained jobs
  • Hayes Locums - 250 new jobs
  • Hoerbiger Corp. of America, Inc. - 420 new and 357 retained jobs
  • Icon International - 50 new jobs
  • JetBlue Travel Products - 200 new jobs
  • Kaplan - 300 new and 400 retained jobs
  • Kellstrom Aerospace Group - 45 new and 86 retained jobs
  • Kellstrom - 20 new and 106 retained jobs
  • List Industries - 40 new and 245 retained jobs
  • Lufthansa Technik Component Services - 24 new and 17 retained jobs
  • Lupin Pharmaceuticals - 45 new jobs
  • Mako Surgical - 90 new and 176 retained jobs
  • Navalimpianti - 20 new and 32 retained jobs
  • OSM - 162 new jobs
  • Parallon - 125 new and 164 retained job
  • People's Trust - 200 new and 300 retained jobs
  • Pet Supermarket - 100 new and 120 retained jobs
  • Prolexic Technologies - 118 new and 120 retained jobs
  • Publix Manufacturing/Distribution - 265 new jobs
  • SATO Global Solutions, LLC - 35 new jobs
  • Sealand - 65 new jobs
  • Shipmonk - 200 new and 136 retained jobs
  • SHL Pharma - 30 new and 44 retained jobs
  • Sintavia - 50 new and 15 retained jobs
  • Shiji - 70 new and 10 retained jobs
  • Spirit - 225 new nd 853 retained jobs
  • SR Technologies - 40 new and 161 retained jobs
  • Stemtech International - 90 new jobs
  • Stretch Wrap Packaging - 200 new jobs
  • Structured Assets - 52 new jobs
  • Techtronic Industries - 50 new jobs
  • Valley Forge Fabrics - 40 new and 120 retained jobs
  • Virgin Voyages - 300 new and 10 retained jobs
  • VPX - 250 new and 231 retained jobs
  • Techtronic Industries (TTI) - 50 new jobs
  • The Wendy's Company - 50 new jobs
  • Uniform Advantage - 50 new and 142 retained jobs
  • Unipharma - 100 new jobs
  • Walgreens Corporation - 100 new and 338 retained jobs
  • Wash Depot Holdings, Inc. - 18 new jobs
  • Wayman Aviation - 20 new and 9 retained jobs

What is an investor's return on investment with the Alliance?

Following is the rate of return for every dollar invested in the Alliance in the last ten years, based on direct capital investment in Broward County. The average for the last five years is $41.55 per dollar invested.

From 2007 to 2013, the rate of return for every dollar invested in the Alliance, based on annual economic impact in Broward County, is $400 per dollar invested.

Why are my time and resources important at the Alliance?

The Alliance is the only public/private partnership for economic development focusing on growing and diversifying the economy in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County. We are competing against well financed organizations in other communities that are seeking to attract the same companies we desire to have in our economy. Your time and resources help us to market the area and attract companies that make our community a better place to live and work, and contribute to the economic success of business as a whole in the county.

How does the Alliance impact my business?

The Alliance helps to grow our economy and expand our markets so companies in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County can grow and succeed, including your business. The competitiveness of companies is in large part tied to the competitiveness of the economic regions in which they do business. The Alliance also advocates for business in Broward County.

What is the history of the Alliance?

The Alliance began as the Broward Economic Development Board when it was created by the state of Florida in 1963. In 1978 it was taken under the wing of Broward County. Its Committee of 100, a group of private businesspeople, functioned as an arm of the Board. In 1991, the Broward Economic Development Board became the Broward Economic Development Council. The Broward Economic Development Council was renamed The Broward Alliance in 1998 and named the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance in 2010. The goal of the organization has always been to promote economic development in order to strengthen and diversify Broward County's economy.

What is the Alliance's relationship to Broward County government?

Broward County government, through its Office of Economic and Small Business Development, works as a partner with the Alliance to grow and diversify Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward's economy. They are our largest funding provider and we are very appreciative of their support. However, it is important to remember that the private sector is a critical element of any successful economic development strategy. "Unless the private sector is ready, willing and able to invest in a community, economic growth simply will not occur, regardless of how much government spends." (Sandy Baruah, Former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development and former head of the Economic Development Administration for the U.S. Department of Commerce).