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Success Stories--Relocations & Expansions

From 2007 to 2017, the Alliance, working with its members, Broward County and other partners, helped create or retain more than 22,000 direct jobs that are estimated to generate through direct, indirect and induced effects total employment of more than 48,000 jobs in Broward County, $1.8 billion in annual personal income in Broward County and $9.8 billion in annual economic impact.     

Companies that relocated and expanded in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County from 2017 include:

CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Apotex Pharmacuticals Miramar   150 461 U.S. headquarters for Canadian pharmaceutical company.
Motus GI Holdings, Inc. Fort Lauderdale $1,000,000 50   Medical Device company with a newly approved product which drastically cuts down on the fasting/other protocols prior to a endoscopy.
FocusPoint International, Inc. Plantation $325,000 90   Global risk management company.
Advensus Tamarac $250,000 50   Carribean-based headquarters and customer service center.
Qology Direct Plantation $1,250,000 250   Provides performance based marketing services, to enable its customres to find, order and set up services. Qology Direct will be taking the entire former Kaplan buiding in Plantation, Florida. After completion of the confirmed expansion in Plantation, Centerfield Media Holdings, LLC completed the acquistion of Qology Direct LLC. Project parameters include the creation of 250 new jobs, an estimated capital investment of $1,250,000 and leasing 118,000 sqare feet.
Masa Golbal Fort Lauderdale $4,700,000 35   Founded in 1974, the company now has 18 international locations and a strong presence in all US metro areas. It offers a low-cost emergency transportation membership program allowing members to access affordable travel solutions when needed.
Moonlight Mia Fort Lauderdale   3   Full service travel agency with boutique service. Company started in Argentina more than 20 years ago, added a presence in Spain and is now targeting the US market.
Bayview Financial Fort Lauderdale     1,066 Financial advisor company.
Virgin Cruises, US, LLC Plantation $15,9000 300 10 first being delivered and beginning service in 2020 . To oversee operations company is planning to hire 300 net new jobs for a 60,000 sq. ft. facility in Plantation. The Plantation location will be considered the company's Global Headquarters. Virgin Cruises is a subsidiary of Virgin Atlantic.
Sixt Rent A Car Fort Lauderdale $10,400,000 300 200 German car rental company created more than 100 years ago in Europe. The company's leasing program and product line is diversified with a presence in almost all large metropolitan areas in Europe and the USA
Kemet Corporation Fort Lauderdale $13,885,486 100 44 Manufacturers capacitors and electronic parts for cellular and computer technologies.
Hoover Architectural Fort Lauderdale $2,000,000 15 25 Custom canvas awning and metal fabrication company.

Examples of companies that relocated and expanded in Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County from 2007-2016 include:


CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Project Blade Miramar   27 183 Aviation/Aerospace
Aviator Solutions Fort Lauderdale   2   Aviation/Aerospace
DaVinci Training Institute Fort Lauderdale $200,000 11   Aviation/Aerospace
JetSmarter Fort Lauderdale   240 55 Aviation/Aerospace
1st Choice Aero Miramar $2,225,000 15 50 Aviation/Aerospace
Privatefly Fort Lauderdale $4,700,000 2   Aviation/Aerospace
Stemsys Sunrise $600,000 3   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Artmill Dental Laboratory Deerfield Beach $410,000 10   Global Business Services
CHG Healthcare Services, Inc. Fort Lauderdale $3,866,240 150   Global Business Services
Capitao Pintura Pompano Beach   5   Global Business Services
Milclean USA Pompano Beach   2   Global Business Services
Matrix Absence Mangagement Fort Lauderdale $95,000 60   Global Business Services
ZNA Services, LLC Plantation   80   Global Business Services
Royal Carribean Weston $900,000 180 45 Global Logistics
Global Eagle Entertainment Miramar $7,500,000 290 153 Headquarters and Management Operations
Global Eagle Entertainment Miramar $7,500,000 290 153 Headquarters and Management Operations
Triangle Services Fort Lauderdale $4,800,000 200   Headquarters and Management Operations
GBS Enterprises Deerfield Beach $395,000 144 26 Headquarters and Management Operations
Ecolab Miramar $800,000 50 13 Headquarters and Management Operations
Hotwire Communications Fort Lauderdale $27,000,000 375 300 Headquarters and Management Operations
Parralon Sunrise $2,600,000 160   Headquarters and Management Operations
Ultimate Software Weston $5,000,000 400   Headquarters and Management Operations
Content Critical Solutions Fort Lauderdale $2,181,866 15   Headquarters and Management Operations
Magic Leap Plantation $150,000,000 725 217 Information and Communication Technologies
Netcomm Wireless Sunrise $2,000,000 35   Information and Communication Technologies
Process Map Sunrise $3,925,000 120 70 Information and Communication Technologies
United Data Technologies Miramar $16,500,000 142 116 Information and Communication Technologies
Boca Flasher Deerfield Beach $4,380,000 35 29 Manufacturing
Dallai Deerfield Beach   15   Manufacturing
Cayago Fort Lauderdale   25   Manufacturing


CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
1st Choice Aerspace Miramar $4,500,000 40 8 Aviation/Aerospace
Aero Accessories Miramar $2,200,000 30 15 Aviation/Aerospace
Allied General Industries, LLC Pembroke Pines   33   Manufacturing
AutoNation Fort Lauderdale $1,700,000 56   Headquarters and Management Operations
Charter Schools USA Fort Lauderdale $1,000,000 159 188 Headquarters and Management Operations
Chiquita Dania Beach $300,000 80   Headquarters and Management Operations
ComCare Plantation $500,000 25 50 Headquarters and Management Operations
DPR Labeling LLC Sunrise   2   Manufacturing
Florida Fabrication Specialists Yacht Luxury, LLC Dania Beach   2   Manufacturing
Hoerbiger Corporation of America, Inc. Coral Springs $56,600,000 420 257 Manufacturing
JKG Group Deerfield Beach $2,100,000   85 Headquarters and Management Operations
JL Audio Miramar $9,400,000 30 294 Headquarters and Management Operations
Kapco Global Tamarac $762,000 12 64 Aviation/Aerospace
Polenghi Deerfield Beach   17   Manufacturing
Pro MarineBoats USA Dania Beach   2   Marine Industries
Renegade Furniture Hollywood $2,250,000 20   Headquarters and Management Operations
RWC Group LLC Pompano Beach $3,087,000 54   Manufacturing
SATO Global Solution, LLC Fort Lauderdale   35   Headquarters and Management Operations
Strategic Brands Inc. Pompano Beach $2,300,000 10   Manufacturing
SUNERA Miramar $300,000 32 40 Global Business Services
Syntac Coated Products Deerfield Beach $3,708,000 20 9 Manufacturing
Total Quality Logistics Dania Beach $600,000 60   global Logistics
Uniform Advantage Fort Lauderdale $7,459,000 50 142 Headquarters and Management Operations
Netcomm Wireless Sunrise $2,000,000 35   Information and Communication Technologies
Wetherill Associates, Inc. Miramar $4,400,000 35 61 Manufacturing



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Kellstorm Miramar $5,900,000 20 106 Aviation/Aerospace
OSM Fort Lauderdale   162   Aviation/Aerospace
Innovative Endoscopy Components, LLC Sunrise $2,150,000 10 10 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Lupin Pharmaceuticals Coral Springs   45   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
SHL Pharma Deerfield Beach   30 44 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
American Express Sunrise $167,000,000 100 4,399 Global Business Services
SeaLand Plantation $500,000 25 50 Headquarters and Management Operations
Centene Management Company, LLC Sunrise $2,800,000 265   Headquarters and Management Operations
Nyrstar Fort Lauderdale   25   Headquarters and Management Operations
People's Trust Deerfield Beach $7,400,000 200 300 Headquarters and Management Operations
Playwire, LLC Deerfield Beach $800,000 40 38 Headquarters and Management Operations
Protesic Technologies Fort Lauderdale $1,160,000 118 120 Headquarters and Management Operations
Stemtech International Fort Lauderdale $1,350,000 90   Headquarters and Management Operations
Structured Assests Lauderhill   52   Headquarters and Management Operations
Group Software Fort Lauderdale   10   Inforation and Communication Technologies
Video Career Finder Fort Lauderdale   40   Inforation and Communication Technologies
Cusanos Italian Bakery Coconut Creek $41,450,000 20 152 Manufacturing
Finamac Fort Lauderdale   2   Manufacturing
Hollywood Woodworks Hollywood   50   Manufacturing
MarBlue Hollywood $2,600,000 28 30 Manufacturing
Valley Forge Fabrics Fort Lauderdale $2,900,000 40 120 Manufacturing



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Lufthansa Technik Component Services, LLC Miramar $114,000 24 17 Aviation/Aerospace
Actavis Davie $40,500,000 220 509 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Bolton Medical Davie $2,299,000 30 78 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Great Health Works Hollywood $3,000,000 401 320 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
HCA-Northwest Medical Center Margate $50,000,000 30   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Unipharma, LLC Tamarac   100   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Total Quality Logistics Deerfield Beach   88   Global Logistics
Anthem Education Fort Lauderdale $300,000 70 85 Headquarters and Management Operations
Camposol Fresh Fort Lauderdale   25   Headquarters and Management Operations
Cyalume Technologies, Inc. Fort Lauderdale $150,000 25   Headquarters and Management Operations
Emerson Sunrise $400,000 20 76 Headquarters and Management Operations
GM Partners Fort Lauderdale   10   Headquarters and Management Operations
Parallon Sunrise $3,900,000 125 164 Headquarters and Management Operations
U.S. Gas and Electric, Inc. Miramar $11,630,000 248 163 Headquarters and Management Operations
Advanced Loan Technologies Plantation $575,000 15 16 Inforation and Communication Technologies
Horiso Deerfield Beach   15   Manufacturing
ImmunoSite Technologies Miramar $150,000 5 6 Manufacturing
Point Blank Enterprises Sunrise   26   Manufacturing
Screen Graphics of Florida, Inc. Pampano Beach $5,775,000 20 63 Manufacturing
SIMTEC Silicone Parts, LLC Miramar $3,045,500 40   Manufacturing



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
AeroTurbine Miramar $30,000,000 75 175 Aviation/Aerospace
Bombardier Fort Lauderdale     170 Aviation/Aerospace
CTS Fort Lauderdale $25,000,000 30 50 Aviation/Aerospace
HEICO Aerospace Corporation Hollywood     20 Aviation/Aerospace
Turbine Controls, Inc. Miramar $1,500,000 60   Aviation/Aerospace
American Medical Depot Miramar $5,000,000 50 97 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
BioRamo, LLC Fort Lauderdale $1,500,000 36   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
CTC Medical, Inc. Davie $300,000 70 85 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
ECI Pharmaceuticals Fort Lauderdale $1,050,000 20 18 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Interplex Sunbelt, Inc. Tamarac $1,455,000 17   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Capital Processing International, Inc. Hollywood       Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Total Quality Logistics Dania Beach $400,000; 85   Global Logistics
Global Response Margate $1,000,000 200 360 Headquarters and Management Operations
AAJ Technologies Fort Lauderdale     38 Information and Communications Technologies
e-Builder Plantation $250,000 33 58 Information and Communication Technologies
Enterprise Resources Technology Group, Inc. Fort Lauderdale     11 Information and Communication Technologies
iCare, LLC Fort Lauderdale $4,300,000 30 13 Information and Communication Technologies
ICE Portal, Inc. Hollywood     12 Information and Communication Technologies
Sunbelt Transformer Pampano Beach   8   Information and Communication Technologies
Decimal Engineering Pampano Beach     31 Manufacturing
Florida Supplement Miramar $500,000 50 72 Manufacturing
Juratogs Fort Lauderdale   5   Manufacturing
Sketch Wrap Packaging, LLC Fort Lauderdale   200   Manufacturing
Eurotech Fort Lauderdale   3   Marine Industries



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Edgret Technologies Plantation $20,000 4   Alternative Energy and Renewable Resources
Federated Precision Deerfield Beach $13,800,000 66   Aviation/Aerospace
Spirit Airlines, Inc. Miramar $50,000   800 Aviation/Aerospace
CROMA Pharmecuticals Fort Lauderdale $50,000 10   Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Marina Medical Instruments, Inc. Sunrise $16,875   22 Aviation/Aerospace
Nipro Diagnostics, Inc. Fort Lauderdale     70 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Ricera American Corp. Sunrise     4 Generic Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
Bank Atlantic fort Lauderdale $26,388   24 Global Business Services
Coventry Management Services, Inc. Sunrise     13 Global Business Services
Digital Cut Inc. Fort Lauderdale     2 Global Business Services
Gonzalez and Goetz, LLC Fort Lauderdale     9 Global Business Services
Starmark International Fort Lauderdale     37 Global Business Services
Global Response Margate $1,000,000 200 360 Headquarters and Management Operations
Atlantic USA Fort Lauderdale $700,000 55 84 Headquarters and Management Operations
Emerson Sunrise $2,200,000 51 25 Headquarters and Management Operations
FL Health Plan Administrator, LLC Sunrise     150 Headquarters and Management Operations
Health Communications, Inc. Deerfield Beach $21,000   7 Headquarters and Management Operations
Private Jet Charters Fort Lauderdale   6   Headquarters and Management Operations
ReStockIt.com Hollywood $20,000 4   Headquarters and Management Operations
The Wendy's Company Sunrise   50   Headquarters
AAJ Technologies Fort Lauderdale   6   Information and Communications Technologies
A.G. Findings and Mig. Co. Inc. Sunrise $55,000 11   Information and Communications Technologies
BGT Partners Hallandale Beach $380,000 76   Information and Communications Technologies
Bocavos Weston $25,000 5   Information and Communications Technologies
ERT Group Fort Lauderdale $45,000 9   Information and Communications Technologies
BGT Partners Hallandale Beach $380,000 76   Information and Communications Technologies
K Wright Design, LLC Parkland $2,498   1 Information and Communications Technologies
OCP/Eyecast Sunrise $25,500,000 100 6 Information and Communications Technologies
Peerless Instrument Co, Inc. Hollywood $28,500   20 Information and Communications Technologies
RIMIC Fort Lauderdale     60 Information and Communications Technologies
Aluminum Distributing, Inc. Fort Lauderdale $15,743   8 Manufacturing
Certified Metal Finishing, Inc. Pompano Beach     11 Manufacturing
Chase Roofing and Contracting, Inc. Cooper City     13 Manufacturing
Designer's Speciality Cabinet Co. , Inc. Fort Lauderdale     80 Manufacturing
Eposytec International, Inc. West Park     6 Manufacturing
Florida Supplement, LLC Hollywood $190,000 38   Manufacturing
Great Halthworks Hollywood $750,000 346 200 Manufacturing
Hiltronics Corporation Coral Springs $6,000   6 Manufacturing
Hollywood Woodwork, Inc. Hollywood $50,000   78 Manufacturing
McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing Pompano Beach $200,000 15   Manufacturing
Aquatic Systems, Inc. Pompano Beach $24,489   18 Marine Industries
International Maritime Associates, LLC Fort Lauderdale $25,000   10 Marine Industries



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Mako Surgical Davie $1,900,000 90 176 Medical Device Company
Hollywood Woodwork Hollywood $80,000 24 90 Creates woodwork corporations and hotels
Kaplan Plantation $4,700,000 300 400 Provides education and career services



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Solar Transport Solutions Coconut Creek $100,000 20   Solar Powered Golf Carts
S and B Industry Foxconn Technology Group Sunrise $17,000,000 150   Wireless/Mobile communications R and D, engineering design and global information technology
Blackberry Sunrise $110,000,000 500   Designer and manufacturer of wireless communications devices and service
General Dynamics (Phase II) Sunrise $1,500,000 150   Engineering Design for Defense and homeland Security
Hoerbiger Pompano Beach $1,400,000 58   Industrial gas compression technology R and D and component parts manufacturing



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Cbeyond Miramar $14,500,000     A leading IP-based managed services provider that delivers integrated packages of communications and IT services to more than 38,500 small businesses throughout the United States
Eastland Food Company Miramar $300,000 15   One of the East Coast's largest importer-distributors of Asian foods
General Dynamics C4 Systems Sunrise $2,000,000 200   Develops and integrates secure communication, information systems and technology
Foxconn Sunrise $2,000,000 200   The foremost provider of joint-design, join-development, manufacturing assembly and after-sales services to global computer,communication and consumer electronics leaders
Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. Plantation $1,800,000 30 50 A fully integrated cGMP contract manufacturing organization (CMO) of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins for preclinical and Phase I/II/III clinical trials
KEMET Corporation Fort Lauderdale $5,000,000 50   Together with its subsidiaries, offers the world's most complete line of surface-mount and through-hole capacitor technologies across tantalum, ceramic, film, aluminum, electrolytic and paper dielectrics
Propulsion Technologies International Miramar $5,000,000 150   Aerospace company that supports customers worldwide with diverse skills and capabilities, equipment and facilities
Royal Carribean Cruise Lines Weston $14,000,000 80 120 Global cruise vacation company that operates Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Pullmantur



CompanyLocationCapital InvestmentJobs CreatedJobs RetainedAbout
Cruise Lines International Association Fort Lauderdale $180,000 36   Official trade organization of the cruise industry
Cigna Sunrise $1,200,000 260   Leading healthcare and insurance company
Diamond Powersports Coral Springs $300,000 12   Manufactures motorcycle parts
Careguide Coral Springs $125,000 25   Health Management Company
Royal Carribean Cruise Lines Miramar $2,250,000 410   Global cruise vacation company that operates Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Pullmantur
World Avenue Sunrise $1,175,000 235   National headquarters for interactive marketing services
Rewards Network Hollywood $1,000,000 200   Leading provider of dining awards and loyalty programs across North America
Home Diagnostics, Inc. Fort Lauderdale $30,000,000 135 305 Leading researcher, developer and manufacturer of diabetes products and blood glucose monitoring systems
bioRASI Hollywood $620,000 45   Headquarters for biomedical contract research and development organization
Associated Grocers Pompano Beach   102   Food distributor and provider of insurance, payroll and accounting services; warehousing and distribution company that manages a co-operative serving a wide range of consumer goods to market in 46 countries
Embraer Fort Lauderdale $17,000,000 60 184 The world's largest manufacturer of commercial jets with up to 120 seats; one of Brazil's leading exporters