Target Business Sectors

Aviation & Aerospace

 Why are so many aviation & aerospace companies located in Greater Fort Lauderdale?

•  Aviation & aerospace programs and degrees provide continuous graduating talent available for recruitment

•  More than 46,000 aviation workers are employed in the region.

•  35 colleges and universities with over 300,000 students provide a large, diverse talent pool for numerous occupations.

•  10 airports, including 3 international and 7 private.

•  Zero state income tax.

•  Access to over 5.9 million people and 90+ languages.

•  Florida is ranked 1st in the nation for aerospace manufacturing attractiveness.

•  Florida is ranked 2nd in the nation for the number of aviation, aerospace and space establishments. 


Greater Fort Lauderdale’s aviation industry is a multibillion-dollar sector, including airlines, airframe and engine manufacturers, component parts suppliers, maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) facilities, and allied industries such as banking and insurance.

Its hub is Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL), which has an annual economic impact of more than $13.2 billion. Over the decades, the airport has grown into a major transportation complex that now provides more than 139,000 direct and indirect jobs.

Many companies in the aviation sector are also investing in Greater Fort Lauderdale, including GA Telesis, GE Aviation, Heico and Turbine Controls. The region's schools, colleges and universities offer a variety of programs to educate and train skilled workers in the aviation and aerospace sectors.

Leading Greater Fort Lauderdale Based Aviation Companies include:

1st Choice Aerospace, Banyan Air, CTS Jet Engines, Embraer, GA Telesis, GE Aviation, HEICO Corporation,  JetBlue, JetScape, JetSmarter, Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Lufthansa Technik, National Jets, Private Jet Charter, Propulsion Technologies International, Sheltair, Spirit Airlines, and Turbine Controls, Inc.

Tax exemptions on Aviation include:

Maintenance or Repair of Aircraft
The amount charged customers for labor associated with the maintenance or repair of:
• Fixed wing aircraft with a maximum certified takeoff weight of more than 15,000
pounds; and,
• Rotary wing aircraft (e.g., helicopters) with a maximum certified takeoff weight of more
than 10,000 pounds is exempt from sales and use tax.

Equipment Used in Aircraft Repair or Maintenance
The sale of equipment used to maintain or repair fixed wing aircraft and rotary wing aircraft is exempt from sales and use tax when the equipment:
• Includes replacement engines, parts, and/or equipment used to maintain or repair the aircraft; and,
• Is used on an aircraft with a maximum certified takeoff weight of 15,000 pounds, OR a rotary wing aircraft with a maximum certified takeoff weight of more than 10,300 pounds; and,
• Is installed on aircraft maintained or repaired in Florida.

Fixed Wing Aircraft Sales or Leases
An exemption from sales and use tax applies to the sale or lease of fixed wing aircraft:
• Having a maximum certified takeoff weight of more than 15,000 pounds; and,
• Used by a “common carrier,” as defined in Federal Aviation Administration regulations
(Title 14, chapter I, part 128 or 129, Code of Federal Regulations).

A New Training Facility:

Broward College and Diversified Companies broke ground in May 2016 for a new aviation facility at the North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines. When complete, the new facility will have 91 hangars, an exclusive pilots' lounge, and a home for the expansion of Broward College's Aviation Institute.

Targeted for completion in spring 2017, three hangars will house four classrooms, faculty offices, and shop space as part of the College's Aviation Maintenance Management Associate of Science program.

Regional Maintenance Council:

The Miami Maintenance Management Council (MMMC) recently changed its name to the South Florida Aviation Maintenance Council (SFAMC), and merged with the Miramar Aviation Consortium. SFAMC will unite the aviation maintenance community regionally in order to support, encourage, educate and promote the significant base of maintenance operations in the area.

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