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North Lauderdale

North Lauderdale is a compact city in the center of Broward County. It is a community rich in diversity, because of its pivotal location.  The City's 42,000 residents have come from all over the world to secure a place in the sun, stake a claim in South Florida's vibrant economy and build a future for their children.

The City may be a cozy five square miles, but its current growth spurt is just getting started.  Much of the City is been rebuilt and the development community has already responded with $500 million in new projects.  That's $500 million spent on making the City more efficient, more viable, more livable, and more interesting.  This redevelopment renaissance has only begun, and opportunities worth literally billions of dollars-await those with the imagination and savvy to take advantage of them.

Join the City of North Lauderdale in "Building a Future." For information regarding economic development programs and assistance in the City of North Lauderdale, please click here.


Contact Information
Contact Address 701 S.W. 71st Avenue
North Lauderdale, FL 33068
Phone Number 954-722-0900
Economic Indicators
Population (2018) 44,071
Labor Force (2018) 24,365
Land Area (square miles) 5.2
Households (2016 updated) 13,526
Household Income $45,607.00

Source: American FactFinder, Zoom Prospector

Number of Schools
Charter Schools 3
Elementary Schools 4
Middle Schools 1
High Schools 0

Major Employers:  

  • Altis (Residential Rental Community)
  • Family Central
  • Home Depot
  • Publix
  • Teleperformance
  • Walmart Full Service Center