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Technology in Greater Fort Lauderdale
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 Why are so many technology companies locating in Greater Fort Lauderdale?

•  Numerous IT degrees and programs provide a continuous graduating talent available for recruitment

•  Greater Fort Lauderdale is ranked among the top 50 U.S. tech talent markets

•  Nearly 80,000 information & communications technologies workers are employed in the region

•  South Florida has a long history of technology innovation including being home to the 1st IBM PC and 1st smartphone, the Simon

•  Florida is the 3rd largest state for high-tech establishments

•  Florida is the 3rd largest exporter of high-tech products 

Please click here, view below, or visit to see a map of some of the tech companies in South Florida. 

A Diverse Tech Cluster

Throughout the Greater Fort Lauderdale region, innovative IT companies are making their mark on the technology sector while gaining new customers in their chosen markets.  Key players include:

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