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The Alliance Fellowship Program

The Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance seeks certified minority and women business leaders for its Alliance Fellowship Program. The Alliance Fellowship Program is designed to identify certified minority and women owned businesses that have already established themselves as companies with staying power and that are ready to take the next step in the Broward business community.

Eligibility Criteria:

The Fellowship program is designed to identify minority and women-owned businesses that have already established themselves as companies with staying power but which need to take the next step into the Broward business community.

The Alliance selects up to ten (10) qualified Minority and Women Business Leaders with the following criteria, to join its Fellowship Program:

Preference is given to businesses in the County’s targeted industries: 

  1. Advanced Materials and High-Tech Manufacturing 
  2. Alternative Energy and Renewable Resources 
  3. Aviation / Aerospace 
  4. Global Business Services 
  5. Global Media and Production 
  6. Headquarters and Management Operations 
  7. Human Resources and Higher Education 
  8. International Trade and Logistics 
  9. Life Sciences 
  10. Marine Industries 


It is a 3-year commitment in which the company joins the Alliance at the Entrepreneurship Council level ($2,500) and agrees to the terms of the fellowship award.

The first year is $500 annually, the second year the company agrees to pay $1,500 (a discount of $1,000), and the 3rd year it is the full price for the membership ($2,500.) 

Payments can be made annually or quarterly, whichever is more convenient for the company.

The company enjoys all the benefits of the Entrepreneurship Council while at the same time understands that they must themselves get involved in the Alliance programs to maximize their benefits. Ultimately, it is up to the company to establish those strong business contacts that translate to better business opportunities.

To learn more about the fellowship program, please click here or contact Tania Vinaixa at 954-627-0133.