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Aviation MRO Training in FTL: REGISTER NOW!
Published Monday, June 17, 2019



July 08 – August 1 - Downtown Fort Lauderdale
111 East Las Olas Blvd, 9th Fl - Room 918 | Fort Lauderdale FL | 33301
Courses include: Continental Breakfast, Course Materials and Certification (if applicable)


July 10 - SMS BASICS - The SMS Basics course is designed for individuals who need a fundamental understanding of key SMS concepts or a better understanding of how to interface with the SMS in the individual’s organization. This course is also a prerequisite for the advanced Safety Officer Training course.
July 11 - SAFETY OFFICER TRAINING - The Safety Officer Training course is designed for those individuals who have a sound knowledge of safety management systems (SMS) and who serve as an organization’s safety manager or department manager.
July 15 - 19A320 EASA CERTIFIED GENERAL FAMILIARIZATION (CFM/IAE) - This EASA-certified Gen Fam course provides a general overview of all Airframe, Powerplant and Avionics systems, including special safety precautions, tooling and maintenance practices specific to the aircraft. The target population for this course would be Aircraft maintenance personnel who issue certificates of release to service following base maintenance on aircraft of this type. It is recommended that trainees have general knowledge of Turbine-powered transport aircraft. This course also includes a knowledge examination, and Airbus-certified certificates will be issued after the exam.
July 25 - OSHA CONFINED SPACE TRAINING - This course presents an overview of the OSHA Confined Spaces regulations, covering basic concepts and a general overview of the regulations, including proper methods and rules that authorized entrants and attendants must follow before, during, and after confined space entry. This training is relevant for persons supervising confined space entry, entrants - employees entering and working within a confined space, and attendants - those persons tasked with assisting with the entry, but not actually entering themselves.
July 31 – August 1 --FAA COMPLIANCE UPDATES & REGULATORY CHANGES - This FAA Compliance Update course presents FAA updates for the Industry on general aviation safety, including: Code of Federal Aviation Regulations: Title 14 Aeronautics and Space, FAA Flight Standards Information Management System, FAA Advisory Circulars, Airworthiness Directives, Voluntary Self – Disclosure and Monitoring Systems, Future Air Navigation Systems (FANS), Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)

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