Ninth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium Unites FAU Broward and Miami Dade College Students
Published Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Ninth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium was a huge success, featuring 56 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from Florida Atlantic University and, for the first time ever, undergraduates from Miami Dade College. 

The Symposium was held November 15, 2019 on the first floor of the University/College Library, which FAU and Broward College share on the Davie campus. 

The Symposium featured 12 doctoral, four masters and 40 undergraduate researchers, 18 of whom hailed from Miami Dade College. Students stood by large posters that outlined their research as others gave oral presentations a few feet away in a library classroom. 

“We were looking for an opportunity to partner with Miami Dade College. Robert Teachenor, Grant Director of the MDC’s STEM Seamless Transfer Pathway, was extremely enthusiastic once I issued the invitation. He was instrumental in getting coordinating all the MDC student presenters and the MDC faculty judges.” said Symposium organizer Dr. Shireen Lalla, Associate Director of Testing & Evaluation for the FAU Broward campuses. 

“The symposium provided the opportunity we were looking for, through MDC’s participation at the symposium we will look for additional prospects to collaborate on projects involving students and faculty from both institutions, representing all academic disciplines or departments. The MDC and FAU students have a unique opportunity to build research partnerships directly that can support their own research and creative endeavors,” she said. 

The four hour symposium attracted hundreds of visitors who stopped by the exhibition posters to ask student researchers what their projects were all about. National Public Radio affiliate station WLRN-FM/91.3 was also present to interview the students. 

Next year, for our Tenth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium, will be seeking student presenters from other South Florida institutions,” Dr. Lalla said. “I want to continue to offer this valuable experience beyond the classroom for all our students and would like to increase the visual arts presentations.”

Click the link to see the list of the winners of the Ninth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium:

Click to see the program for the Ninth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium:

Click below to listen and read National Public Radio affiliate station WLRN-FM/91.3’s segment on the Ninth Annual Broward Student Research Symposium:

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