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FAU to Offer Film, Video and New Media Programs on the Fort Lauderdale Campus
Published Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies (SCMS) recently moved a core group of faculty members from their Film, Video and New Media program from Davie to the FAU Fort Lauderdale campus. From this vibrant downtown location SCMS will offer an MFA in Media, Technology and Entertainment along with the upper division coursework for a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia Studies with a concentration in Film, Video and New Media.

These programs offer students a comprehensive curriculum that includes courses in film studies, television studies, video production, computer animation, interactive media and new technologies challenging them to think critically and creatively. This is part of an initiative to establish a creative and design industry focus in the dynamic and growing downtown area as they join the School of Architecture, housed in the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters in offering upper division and graduate level courses on the Fort Lauderdale campus. learn more >>


The School of Communication and Multimedia Studies (SCMS) is a vibrant hub within the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters. With an internationally known and award-winning faculty, the School provides opportunities for study for those interested in a wide array of human communicative activities, ranging from face-to-face human interactions to mediated communication to computer animation. MORE . . .   Click here for link to SCMS.

Carol Bishop
A Video Message from SCMS Director 

A message from School of Communication and Multiedia Studies Director, Dr. Carol Bishop Mills.

“So, although we’re not face-to-face the way we were last fall, we are together in striving for your success both personally and professionally. Thank you for coming back and joining us (or considering joining us) here at the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies! . . .I hope you have a wonderful semester, and Go Owls!”

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