COVID-19 Building Department Information - Updated 10/1/2020
Published Friday, October 9, 2020

COVID-19 Building Department Information

Broward County


  1. City of Coconut Creek
    • Is your Department open? Yes, the lobby is closed
    • Have hours changed? No
    • Is your Department open to the public? By appointment only
    • Are inspections being done? Yes


2.       City of Coral Springs

  • Is your Department open? Yes, but closed to the public
  • Have hours changed? NO
  • Is your Department open to the public? Outdoor drop off & pick up M-Th 9 AM - 3 PM & Fri 9 AM -1:30 PM.
  • If it is not are you accepting electronic plans? Yes, all permit types are accepted online
  • Are inspections being done? Yes 

3.       City of Cooper City

  • How is plan review being addressed? We will be doing them remotely
    • We’re setting up a link online on our website that the contractors can upload the permits electronically and then we will receive a notification that a permit was submitted. Staff will have the capability to input the data into BS&A from home and then will email to the plan reviewers. After review of the PDF’s, they will then email back their comments or approvals Staff and then we will input that into BS&A.
    • We are only doing emergency permits or things that are life safety and anything commercial at this point.
    • We are not going in homes for inside inspections and we will have the capability by next week to be able to take payments for all building invoices online so we’ll be sending a notification for that soon.
  • Is the lobby open? The lobby as of today is closed for public
  • Does everyone report to work every day? We will all be working remotely from home starting Monday.
  • Guides are bing created that will be posted on our website to show the public how to do the online submittals 

4.       City of Hallandale Beach

The Building Division is implementing procedural changes in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic by reducing person-to-person contact. We intend to continue our services and to minimize the inconvenience to applicants and customers. The information below will be updated periodically.

·     Submittals:

All applications which contains no seals from Engineers and Architects, will be accepted via email only, and they are to be submitted to Jennae Graham at and she will forward them to the permit clerks, whom will accept them and issue the process number and follow the application payment process with the applicant.

Payments: payments will only be accepted online and after payment, the applicant must notify the permit clerk when instructed; then, the permit will be emailed by the pricing clerk to the applicant as an email attachment.

·         Plans Examiners:

They will perform remote reviews and the applicant(s) can contact them via email or to their desk phone for any questions within their application comments (if any).

·         Inspectors:

All scheduled inspections are being reopened as usual and the permit holder must contact the inspector via phone, as they are authorized (at their discretion) to accept all electronic means of proving that the scope of work is performed in accordance to the building code requirements or letter from an engineer or architect approving the scheduled inspection (at the cost of the applicant /permit holder). Evidence of such inspection must be maintained for logging and filing. In addition, staff is hereby instructed that only exterior inspections are to be performed; and that any other interior inspections can be performed as authorized as above.

·         Phones:

All (including inspections line) will be active for communications during work hours (Mon-Thu, 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM).

Finally, any special or emergency request will be on a case by case basis and responded based in the available and reachable information; and the Drop-box is no longer available.


5.       City of Dania Beach

  • NO public access to City Hall
  • All inspectors, plan reviewers and administrative staff are set up and working remotely. All staff are available via phone or email Monday – Friday from 8am – 3:30pm
  • Plan review is now being offered by electronically thru EPR software or drop box for hard copy submittals.
  • Accepting hard copy drop off between 8 AM and 12:30 PM on Wednesdays ONLY. Permit pickups will be done by appointment only.
  • Inspections will resume, with inspectors exercising cautionary discretion. Inspections can be scheduled Monday – Friday 8am – 2pm by phone, email or online


6.       Town of Davie

  • Our doors are closed to the
  • We are trying to do business by email. Permit applications and all plans are with project dox.
  • Inspectors are no longer coming into the building department. They receive and result their inspections remotely
  • Also, if an inspection can be done with live video onsite, they will utilize that  technology
  • We have health checkpoints at Town Hall
  • We now have drop off, and pickup boxes 

7.       City of Deerfield Beach


July 6, 2020: Beginning Monday, July 6th, 2020, the Building Division will be open to the public until 4:00pm Monday - Friday. The Building Division is open to the public beginning at 7:30am.

At this time, the Building lobby is limiting the number of customers that can be in the lobby at any given time. In the Building lobby, the maximum number of customers is three. To gain access to the department, upon your arrival to City Hall, please call 954-480-4252 to let us know you are here. A city employee will let you know if space is available immediately. If space is not available immediately, we will take your phone number and call you back as soon as possible to bring you inside.

Inspections are being done for all Commercial and Residential. Masks and social distancing are required.


All pre-construction meetings, however, are required to be held as teleconferences.


8.       City of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Building Services Division, here are the components we are activating for Phase 1, partial lobby opening (the date could be Monday, May 18th, if the County Administrator approves):

  • Parking lot entry will be from NW 19th Ave, on the west side of the DSD parking lot, and traffic flow will be directed to a 10 X 10 canopy, where drivers will register with a staff member: their name, cell phone # and nature of their visit, to be entered on an iPad with a working
  • Drivers will then be instructed to park and wait in their vehicle until they receive a phone call to enter the building.
  • Permit Technicians will have access to the spreadsheet and will contact and instruct the drivers to exit their vehicle and enter our lobby. The Techs will remove the name from the spreadsheet once the visitor is seated
  • A-frame signs will be posted at the lobby entrance with sanitizing and distancing requirements
  • Upon approaching the lobby doors, the individuals will have a temperature check and go through a sanitizing process. Face masks will be required
  • Visitors will be limited to 3 submittal packages per visit, so that we can keep a steady flow of lobby traffic, without long delays in the parking lot
  • Our 14 Tech intake stations have been reduced to 10 stations to maintain distancing. Floor tape marks have been applied to maintain distancing. Lobby seating will not be encouraged, since the visitor will be directed to a specific intake
  • Walk through services will be available at window 14 for simple payments or plans pick-up.
  • Lobby traffic will be limited to 10 visitors at a time
  • Lobby hours will be from 8:00am to 4:30pm, but sign-ups on the spreadsheet will halt at 3:00pm, in order to clear out the waiting list by closing time. Arrivals after 3:00pm will be encouraged to use the drop box option or to return the following morning

This is a flexible operating policy that may be modified to accommodate efficiency and health security to our staff members and visitors.


9.       City of Hallandale Beach

  • Is your Department open? Yes
  • Have hours changed? No
  • Is your Department open to the public? No Lobby is closed drop box located outside of front door for applications and plans
  • Are inspections being done? Yes
  • Any limitations? Inspectors are assessing safety for each inspection


10.   Town of Hillsboro Beach

  • The Town of Hillsboro Beach Building Department and Town Hall remain closed to the public. employees are working remotely and will be available by phone and email during normal business hours.
  • Effective 6/8/2020, Building Department staff will be available in office, by appointment, for large project drop off/pick-up, project review meetings, or to deal with other issues as needed. Face coverings will be required. To make an appointment, please contact Nicole at The drop box and online payment system remain available and may be the simplest, fastest path to
  • Plan and permits for small projects may be submitted online by emailing to Paper plans/permits, and documents for larger projects may be left in a drop-off box at Town Hall, 1210 Hillsboro Mile between 8:00am and 3:30pm, Monday –In either case you will receive an email confirmation no later than the next business day. Inspections will continue to be provided on a daily basis and may be scheduled online or by phone, however interior inspections, in occupied properties will require special arrangements to be made directly with the inspector, prior to requesting the inspection
  • We encourage you to visit our website ( for the most current information and to pay permit fees, schedule inspections, view plan review comments, or check inspection results. 
  1. City of Hollywood
    • Is the Building Department open? Yes but the City is closed to the public
    • Have hours changed? No. Hours remain the same - 7:00am to 6:00pm. Monday through Thursday
    • Is the Building Department open to the public? No, not at this time
    • Are inspections being performed? Yes, all inspections are being performed on a daily basis, we do virtual inspections as well 

12.   City of Lauderdale Lakes

  • Development Services Department is open
  • Regular hours 8 to 5PM but until 3:30 PM to the public seeing 1 customer at a time
  • Performing commercial inspections only and residential for life safety

13.   Town of Lauderdale By The Sea

  • Is the Building Department open? Yes however, the lobby is closed to the public
  • Have hours changed? No. Hours remain the same - 8:00am to 4:30pm.
  • Is the Building Department open to the public? No, not at this time
  • Are inspections being performed? Yes, all inspections are being performed on a daily basis 
  1. City of Lighthouse Point
    • Lighthouse point building department Update permits dropped off at door no one allowed in office Inspectors are performing outdoor inspections will ask if anyone is sick before entering will encourage to cancel without penalty. Plans reviews are being done remotely 

15.   City of Margate

In taking precautionary measures to prevent spread of COVID-19

  • Building Department will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday March 18th, 2020 until further notice.
  • Building Department employees are working, and available by phone and email during normal business hours.
    • There is a drop box located by the front doors of the building which is to be used between business hours for NEW PERMIT SUBMITTALS ONLY. Please ensure plans are placed in a neat and orderly manner and all sheets/pages are securely attached to each other. Do NOT place revisions/corrections in this box.
    • Permit pick up, Revisions and Corrections to existing permits by APPOINTMENT ONLY please call (954) 970-3004
  • Payments by credit card or check
    • Only Commercial inspections and Residential Exterior building inspections will be scheduled as normal.
    • Please call the inspection line at 954-970-3112 to request
    • 2:00pm is the cut off time for next day inspections (Some inspections may not be granted at this time)
    • In the event that an emergency inspection is needed please, contact the Building Department 954-970-3004 

16.   Miramar

  • Is your department open? Yes
  • Have your hours changed? No
  • Is your Department open to the public? No, Lobby is closed drop box located outside of front door for applications and plans
  • Are inspections being done? Yes, on new development projects (residential & commercial), roof, pools, fences,
  • Limitations: No inspections on interior/alteration, remodeling for residential and commercial properties. 

17.   City of North Lauderdale

Please see below the operational changes/status effective May 22, 2020:

  • The City Hall and Building Department lobby are closed to the public. However, all departments are operational.
  • The Building Department will continue to accept, process, review, and issue construction permits, etc. (Drop-off in Santa Mailbox in Breezeway or customers are encourage to use online permitting and staff will work up permit and email all contractors/customers)
  • Effective Friday, May 22, 2020 the Building Department will issue new construction permits, in line with guidance from Broward County Administrator’s Emergency Order # 20-12, section 1.
  • The Building Department staff are continuing to work remotely and on rotational basis to continue to encourage social distancing
  • Meetings with contractors, architects, engineers, and all other customers are being done by teleconferencing.
  • Inspections are still being performed, as use of face masks or facial coverings are mandatory for all inspectors, public, contractors, and customers
  • Work hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM 

18.   City of Oakland Park

  • Is your Department open? Yes
  • Have hours changed? No
  • Is your Department open to the public? No, Lobby is closed drop box located outside of front door for applications and plans
  • Are inspections being done? Any limitations? Yes, on all inspection types
  • Any special items for the department Interior inspections are subject to inspector’s discretion 

19.   City of Parkland

  • City of Parkland is moving back to a standard work schedule, effective Monday, May 18
  • City Hall is expected to open on Monday, with the following restrictions:
    • Visitors will be buzzed in by the receptionist
    • One entry only, with a separate door for exit to prevent people passing each other
    • All visitors and staff must wear a mask or other face covering while in City
    • Social distancing will be observed, with dots on the floor
    • Plexiglass barriers will be in place at the various departments
    • Development services will be limited to 3 visitors at a time
    • Drop box will become a permanent fixture, and use of the drop box will be encouraged
  • We have already lifted any restrictions on permit issuance, and occupied residence inspections have the following conditions:
    • Work area to be cordoned off from the rest of the residence
    • Only one contractor representative allowed in work area with inspector, both wearing PPE
    • Entry is at the discretion of the inspector – he has the option of a virtual inspection if contractor is set up for it 

20.   Town of Pembroke Park

  • Plans Examiners: They will be contacted by staff if they are to performed their reviews at Town Hall (when needed).
  • Clerical Staff: Will remain at the Building Department Office in reduced hours 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, to accept and retrieve the contents of the outside placed drop-box (applications, revisions and other documentations) for processing every 10-15 mintues
  • Inspectors: They will perform daily inspections and they must be cautious and maintain the social distance and cleaning their area and sanitize their hands after each site visit, among other cautionary methods.
  • Phones: are forwarded to staff cell phones so they will be able to respond the customers calls

21.   City of Pembroke Pines

In response to the current COVID-19 pandemic the City of Pembroke Pines has decided to restrict public access to the Building Department at City Hall as of Thursday, March 26 at 7:00 am until further notice. Staff will continue to provide essential services but will restrict interactions with the public on Monday thru Wednesday to practice social distancing. City Hall will continue to be closed on Thursdays with no public access.

Although the Building Department will restrict public access on Monday thru Wednesday, we will continue to be operational for inspections and plan review services for both existing permitted projects as well as permit application submittals. We will modify the way we intake permit applications and request that all applications be submitted electronically for permit types as listed per the instructions below. In the case you cannot submit electronically, you must drop off the application package to the Building Department’s drop off cart that will be in the lobby of City Hall on Mondays thru Wednesdays, 7:30am to 5:00pm. Contractors will be required to fill out a transmittal form and revision form that will be located near the drop off cart in the lobby of City Hall. All payments for permit review and issuance must be paid online at

Plan reviews will still be performed, and plan examiners are available to answer plan review comment questions via email and telephone on Monday thru Thursday. All contact information can be found on the building department’s website.

The Building Department remains committed to servicing our community during these unprecedented times. In addition to the items listed below, we will continue to monitor emails, permit submissions, and phone calls throughout the Building Department’s public access restriction.


  1. Inspections can still be scheduled online as normal through Inkforce Monday through Thursday before 3:00pm for inspections to be performed on the following business day, all inspections are performed on Monday through Thursday, 7am to 6pm, see link:
    • If you do not have internet access, you can call and leave a voicemail requesting an inspection at (954) 435-6502 on Monday through Thursday before 3:00pm for inspections to be performed on the following business
  2. Daily Inspection Times will be available on Monday through Thursday by 8:00am, see link:

Online Permit Submittals


  1. For online submittals of water heater replacements, A/C change-outs and residential re-roofs, see link:
  2. For residential electrical panel and service changes a permit application and credit card authorization form are required, see links:

Permit Issuance

  1. All permits for applications that are submitted online will be issued via email for contractors to print out and post on the jobsite
  2. All permits for drop off applications with documents of ledger size and smaller will be scanned and issued via email for contractors to print out and post on the jobsite
  3. All permits for drop off applications with large sets of plans will be issued via appointment only for pick up at the Building Department 

22.   City of Plantation

The city of Plantation Building department is back in operation with normal hours started 5/18/20 (Alpha/Bravo shifts has been suspended) , however we are still not open to the public , inspections and plan reviews are being conducted as usual , the only exceptions are stated in the attached. 

Change in Business Operations Due to COVID-19: As of 05/18//2020 @ 8am, the Building Department’s operation is as follows:

  • All City employees return to work on Monday, May 18, 2020. Note: The City is not yet open to the general public,,
  • Permit Submittal – All permit types will be accepted (Residential and Non-Residential); a drop off table/station has been set up outside the building. All items submitted will be processed in the order they are received, however will be held for a 24 hour minimum prior to processing; payments shall be made by credit card*. Please be patient as we all work through this transition in order to assist you with your permitting needs
  • Permit Pickup – payments may be paid with a credit card* by calling the automated inspection line at 954-678-2632 or by check. Contact the office for further instructions to pay by check and/or pick up permit and/or plans
  • Inspections – being conducted as usual for New Construction, Residential (exterior only), Commercial or vacant spaces/residences; Interior inspections for occupied Residential properties, Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centers and Nursing Homes are suspended until further notice.

*A 3% surcharge, $1 minimum, will be applied to payments made by credit card.

For all other inquires, contact us directly at 954-797-2765 or for further information. 

23.   City of Pompano Beach

  • The City of Pompano is now closed to the public
  • Mandatory field inspections are limited to commercial, essential and “open air” no contact inspections.
  • Plan review and other Division functions are performed remotely
  • The “Drop Box” is being accessed daily for any non-electronic submissions
  • Urge all customers to utilize our e-plan system for any revisions, submissions, corrections, etc/
  • Very minimal staff in office to field phone inquiries and provide guidance.
  • Obviously, this is a fluid situation…as more information becomes available, this protocol may change 

24.   Village of Sea Ranch Lakes

  • We have reopened the Village Hall and building dept. Our office hours are Mon – Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. We allow entry for one contractor/resident at a time and they must wear mask.

25.   Town of Southwest Ranches

  • Town Hall is closed to the Public
  • The Building Department remains open for Permit applications and plan submission, revisions and corrections (electronic only). plan review and inspections are ongoing during normal business hours. At this time, we have not restricted the type of inspections that we will perform 

26.   City of Sunrise

  • Is your Department open? Yes, the City of Sunrise Building Division is open
  • Have hours changed? NO, the hours remain the same. 8:00 – 4:00
  • Is your Department open to the public? The Building Division lobby is closed to the public. Permit applications and plans can be dropped off and picked up by utilizing bins located in the main building lobby. Permits can be paid for using our online portal.
  • Are inspections being done? Any limitations? Residential inspections are being performed only for exterior work. Commercial inspections are being performed for all work as usual

27.   City of Tamarac

  • Building Dept offices are Closed to the public as off Wednesday, March 18th
  • Normal working hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday thru Thursday and 7:30 am to 3:30 pm on Fridays.
  • Friday, March 20th, the Building Dept. will start tele working from home, some of our permitting staff are working from home and some working from the office
  • We use Online permitting and electronic plan review, all permits must be submitted using our online permitting system, no paper plans are accepted. our customers are able to view the plan review process online and pay for permits online once the permit is approved
  • Plan reviewers are doing plan review remotely from their own homes and from the office
  • All exterior inspections are done as usual, interior alterations and window replacement Inspections are to be coordinated previously with the inspectors to make sure that the CDC safety protocols are followed at the time of the inspection. If CDC protocols are not followed during the inspection process, the inspection will be denied by the inspsector
  • More information in our inspection process during this pandemic period can be obtained by calling our main phone line at 954-597-3420 and speak with a customer service representative, and/or visit our website,
  • Our office land line numbers are transferred to each individual cell phones so our entire staff have the ability to answer customer phone calls and answer emails remotely to all customers inquiries 

28.   City of Weston

  • Public: Building Department is closed to the public. All operations are being completed outside of the office.
  • Plans Examiners: Performing plans review remotely from home
  • Permit Technicians: Processing applications from home
  • Inspectors: Leave from there house straight to the job site. Inspectors are practicing social distancing and equipped with hand sanitizer
  • Phones: Phones are routed to permit technicians as normal through the Webex software 

29.   City of West Park

  • City hall is closed to the public
  • All permit applications accepted by appointment. Instructions for submission explained when contacting the building department. Inspections are being performed with cautionary discretion

30.   City of Wilton Manors

    • Effective 5/18/20 the City has Issued Emergency Order 2020-007, for "PHASE ONE" Re-Opening. The Order has Broward County's E.O. 20-10, and the CDC Guidelines included, to be
    • City Hall is Closed to the Public, and there is no date yet, for Operations to resume. The Building Department is On-Line.
    • The Permit Administrative Staff is working in Rotation shifts. Permit Issuance is using "Contactless" methods at appointed times. Fee payments are being made electronically, via the On-Line
    • Plan Review is performed Electronically, from remote locations
    • Inspections are done with Virtual Procedures, for all trades
    • We are Inspecting all Residential and Commercial projects

31.   Unincorporated Broward County

Please see below update for Unincorporated Broward County. Thank you

  • Building Code Services Offices remain Closed to the General Public
  • Inspectors and plan reviewers are still working from the office and available by phone. No change to office hours
  • Plan review meetings and conferences are conducted solely via electronic means (Conference Call or Zoom/Skype/Teams type meeting). Any required job site meetings are limited to 10 individuals, everyone in attendance is required to wear a facial covering
  • Drop boxes have been added at both locations. For FLL jobs, pick up and drop off is available via the drop box between 8:00am and 3:30pm. For GCW BMSD jobs, pick up and drop off of drawings via the drop box are by appointment only
  • Inspections to all permitted structures are continuing to take place. Inspectors are advised to proceed with caution and use discretion prior to inspecting any occupied spaces. Everyone at all job sites, including inspectors, must wear facial coverings as per Broward County EO 20-13. If masks are not worn, inspection is cancelled. The first time, no reinspection fee is issued
  • Permit issuance for all application types have resumed


Other Counties:

Dade County

32.   Town of Golden Beach

Town of Golden Beach posted all construction sites yesterday effective at noon time today, March 16, 2020 all construction activities within the Town of Golden Beach will be closed, there will be no construction activities allowed. These measures are being taken to prevent community spread of the virus. You must cancel all scheduled deliveries and do not allow your personnel or subcontractors to be at the site as they will be subject to arrest.   

33.   City of North Miami

Right now, they have gone alpha/bravo on clerks, half work one day, half work the next day. Since we work 8-hour days, it has been increased to 10 hours. Basically, half are working 20 hours a week and the other half are working 30 hours, the next week would be opposite. They are still being paid for 40 and we are entering the off time with a special code to track it.

Their plans examiners also go into the field so there hours have been staggered so they are all not in at the same time, no alpha bravo.

North Miami will not be doing interior inspections on residential permits for occupied properties.

They also have had a program for a week plus that every hour desks, counters, doorknobs, keyboards for example are wiped down with an antimicrobial


Palm Beach County

34.   City of Boca Raton

  • The Building Department and Code Enforcement has resumed normal business hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00AM-4:00PM and Wednesday from 8:00AM-3:00PM
  • City hall is open to the public by appointment only
  • Inspections have resumed on all properties, as per our normal procedures prior to closure
  • Building Department, Code Enforcement, Planning & Zoning Staff is working in the Office and have resumed their full-time
  • The Building Department is open for walk-ins. However, customers are being triaged at the There is a limited number of customers allowed inside at a time due to social distancing. There is a drop box available outside allowing customers to leave corrections, revisions, and other paperwork. We also have a lock box attached to the wall where customers may leave payments made via check.
  • Customers are being encouraged to still use our online portal to submit applications, corrections, revisions, and contractor regristration


35.   Delray Beach

Delray Beach is back to normal operations.

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